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Why Wireless Hearing Aids Are So Popular

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Paired with a handheld device like your smartphone, this type of hearing aid connects you directly and wirelessly to the sound sources you need to hear, such as your TV.

This technology picks up the sound you want to hear while dampening other distracting noises. No more cranking up the volume on the television; no more screaming into your cell phone and no more missing out on the things you enjoy most.

Imagine you're watching TV from your favorite armchair. Your hearing aid is working fine until the kids sit down in front of you and start a conversation, dishes clatter in the kitchen and the neighbor's basset hound begins to bark. With wireless hearing aid technology you can cut through this kind of noise clutter and just tune into the TV.

Each person is different, in a good way, which means the hearing aids you buy need to be selected, fitted and programmed to your needs. Our practice can do that, and help you live better with the right hearing aid.

The Secret About The Newest Hearing Aids

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