Soft Opening Announcement!!


Opening Date:  Monday, May 4th  Lebanon Office

These are crazy times; The Hearing Health Center is committed to keeping our patients and team members safe and healthy. To be part of the solution not, the problem, we did choose to close our office for a short time. We have been seeing patients with immediate needs on an appointment basis only. If you have had any problems or need adjustments, please call the office so we can attend to your needs. Now it’s time to think about getting back to work helping people hear better. We are going to be opening in stages…

First:  We will be seeing patients in their vehicles. We will be taking all the necessary precautions to keep you safe and healthy. We will be able to do cleanings and minor adjustments in your vehicle.

Second For more complicated adjustments and hearing tests we will have you wait in your vehicle until we come to get you. There will be no waiting in the office and all rooms will be sanitized between uses.

Third:  Our hopes are we will get back to spending personal time with all of our patients again very quickly. This time is especially important to get the best results and the maximum benefit from your instruments. This is also my favorite part of my mission and we miss all of you!

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What are Digital Hearing Aids?


The term digital is used for most of today's current technology, from televisions to cell phones. Hearing aids today are also digital, meaning incoming sound is converted into a series of numbers, which is then processed using mathematical equations. Digital processing enables very complex manipulation of sound, for example, to separate speech from noise.

 The digital technology within hearing aids also allows to separate sound into different frequency regions and amplify each region selectively, depending on the hearing aid wearer’s hearing loss. The processing within hearing aids also enables different amounts of amplification for soft, moderate, and loud sounds, so sounds are audible, but loud sounds are not uncomfortable or over amplified. And, digital processing enables a natural sound quality with minimal distortion, resulting in excellent sound quality.

Digital hearing aids are programmable, meaning the hearing aid settings can be precisely fine-tuned and special features can be adjusted for each wearer by a hearing aid professional, using special hearing aid software on a computer. Hearing aids are programmed and customized for both the hearing loss and the preferences of the person who wears them.

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